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Mike Wood MP joins celebration of Britain’s farmers on Back British Farming Day

This Back British Farming Day, Mike Wood MP is demonstrating his support for British farmers and growers and celebrating the high-quality, environmentally friendly and nutritious food they produce for the country.

The day is also a celebration and appreciation of a job ranked by the British public as one of the most important and well-respected professions, second only to nursing².

To mark the occasion, Mike Wood MP wore the emblem of Back British Farming Day during Prime Minister’s Questions; a wheatsheaf pin badge made of wool and wheat sourced from UK farms.

Mike Wood MP said: “I’m proud to wear the wheatsheaf pin badge on Back British Farming Day to show my support for the farmers and growers in Dudley South and the local area who do a fantastic job in providing the nation with high-quality and climate-friendly food, all while caring for our much loved countryside.

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